...her work has its own character, in which historical and contemporary influences are fused into a highly flexible and distinctive style... packed with crisp, vivid detail that's not at all hand-me-down. Sierra likes bold, highly coloured gestures.
The Guardian

...an intriguing new album of pieces by the American-born, UK-based composer Arlene Sierra, for whom Bridge Records has just begun a multi-volume series. ... [It] possesses a remarkable brilliance of color, rhythmic dexterity & playfulness.
NPR Classical

Regardless of which listening approach you decide to take with these works— the view of the forest or of the trees... the music reveals complexity and insight that will make you want to press play again and open your ears even wider for the next listen.
New Music Box

...This is all music of distinct originality and personality, played and recorded to highest standards. The ensemble music is complex but always clear, and one feels that every note is placed with intention. A strong recommendation, a disc which I will return to enjoy again.
Musical Pointers

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Arlene Sierra’s catalogue with Cecilian Music includes scores for a wide variety of forces in the following categories: Orchestral, Vocal, Large Ensembles, Chamber Ensembles, and Solos and Duos
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