Game of Attrition CD

Game of Attrition: Arlene Sierra, Vol. 2, is Sierra's orchestral portrait disc, released by Bridge Records to international critical acclaim.

Sierra's Game of Attrition CD is selected for the New York Times ArtsBeat Classical Playlist 

New York Times critic Vivien Schweitzer writes "The works of the American composer Arlene Sierra reflect her wide range of interests, including Asian studies, poetry, and tactics and game theory. This disc includes four of her vividly scored, colorful works: “Aquilo” (2001), “Piano Concerto: Art of War” (2010), “Game of Attrition” (2009) — in which different members of the orchestra “compete” with each other — and “Moler” (2012), a wry allusion to the teeth grinding of composers on deadline."

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