Game of Attrition CD

Game of Attrition: Arlene Sierra, Vol. 2, is Sierra's orchestral portrait disc, released by Bridge Records to international critical acclaim.

Ritual in Transfigured Time, Arlene Sierra's scoring of the 1946 film by Maya Deren, is touring the U.K. with the acclaimed Goldfield Ensemble. Venues include fascinating art spaces like the OVADA Gallery (Oxford) and the Stapleford Granary, as well as well-known concert halls in London, Cheltenham and York.

"What begins as a fly-on-the-wall video showing the day-to-day events of an anonymous female protagonist ends as thrashing choreography, the music following every development of the film, almost as though it had been composed as a soundtrack. The result was an example of how much more powerful sound and visuals can be in their own right, when united in intent. "
- Ellen Peirson-Hagger, The Cusp 

For more information about the project and tour, check out the dedicated page on this site as well as the the Goldfield Ensemble website.

Here is a time-lapse short film from the OVADA Gallery performance by Rob Godman, with the Goldfield Ensemble and lighting design by Tim Ferguson Hand.

Photo by Kathy Hinde