Game of Attrition CD

Game of Attrition: Arlene Sierra, Vol. 2, is Sierra's orchestral portrait disc, released by Bridge Records to international critical acclaim.

Arlene Sierra's piano album Birds and Insects will feature in several performances by acclaimed concert pianist Xenia Pestova this year, including the celebration of International Women's Day (March 8th) on BBC Radio Three. Dr Pestova will also include Sierra's work on a tour of New Zealand in Summer 2017.

Xenia Pestova is the dedicatee of the opening work of Birds and Insects, Book 2, 'Painted Bunting' and has championed several works from Birds and Insects, Book 1 in touring performances around the U.K. and Canada. Pestova was also a principal collaborator with Sierra on the New Music Biennial commission Urban Birds which toured the U.K. and was released by NMC Recordings in 2014.